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The project H4DC respects ethics and values that shape how the collaborators think and act. 



Sustainability is a major consideration for all partners (for instance, YNCREA is labelled as ISO 14001 institute). Collaborators take care to limit their impact on environment and natural resources. For travelling, all partners will reduce as far as they can their CO2 emission: they will share cars when partners are based in the same city. Partners will also use Skype for short progress meetings. For experimental wastes, adapted treatment and elimination procedure will be appropriately applied. 

Equal opportunities and non-discrimination   

All partners are equal opportunities employers and have strong commitment to fostering equality and addressing issues of diversity. No kind of discrimination will be accepted from members of staff, students, visitors, contractors and subcontractors as well. The diversity of people is considered as a great asset by all partners. That state of mind will ensure that all stakeholders will respect everyone equally regardless of gender, race, age, religion or sexuality. Indeed, this project proposal will promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

Equality between men and women 

The partnership includes three women and four men as leader for each partner’s structure. The presence of several female coordinators working within this project will be underpinned by these comprehensive equal opportunities policy which will ensure good practice in terms of gender equality. All partners are promoting equality between men and women. 

Respect of the right to a person’s image 

All partners have the right to view and control the use of their image on this website. Using of the partners’ logos, of the collaborators’ pictures and of the link to their own website were agreed in advance by all persons concerned.